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PRIVACY POLICY ~ We Value Ours As Much As You Value Yours...

To that end,  any information you might provide ~ your name, personal or business address,  telephone, eMail ~ any information that by any reasonable standard would considered "private" or "personal" will never knowingly be sold, bartered, rented, loaned, leased, or in any other way made available to third parties without your express approval.  We must all recognize, however, that there are those out there with devious intent and great skill who can shut down eBay and probably break into the West Egg Map site.  Please forgive us in the event of this sort of thing happening.

RESEARCH & OPINIONS ~ We'll Offer The Best That We Know...

The Principals, Affiliates, and Associates of West Egg Mortgage Acquisition Partners have been involved in the mortgage industry for years, and in that time, have come to believe that  the business is less a science than an art.  One lender's treasure is another's trash.  If we had a nickel for every borrower that we turned down, who then walked across the street and closed what we said could not be done, we would have retired long ago.  And by the same token, we have had occasions where we have been able to provide financing where others had faltered.

West Egg Mortgage Acquisition Partners attempts to provide information of value and, most important, relevant loan proposals that could close, all based on experience with and opinions of industry standards.  We make every attempt to define truly available loan programs and truly available rates, costs, and fees. 

But Bottom Line... As a broker or borrower ~ requesting detail on a specific loan, or general information on the commercial lending industry, or just copies of forms ~  the best advantage is knowledge derived from a broad base of research.  Take advantage of both the West Egg Mortgage Acquisition Partners site content, and information gleaned from Internet Search Engines, and review of the Links we make available, and any and all bits and pieces from any and all sources.  Do the required homework.  Become an informed borrower.  The hope being, of course, that the research will support and validate our opinions, and the net of it all ~ we'll close together.

FRAUD TOLERANCE ~ Easily Defined ... It's "Zero"...

An unfortunate appendage to current lending practice is an increasing incidence of Fraud ~ not simply with Borrowers, but with Brokers, Originators, Evaluators at a variety of levels, and in some cases, even Lenders and Secondaries.  The Mortgage Industry has no room for these sorts of occurrences.  Borrowers have the right to full disclosure of the exact terms of a proposed advance and the covenants they will be expected to uphold.  And by the same token, Lenders should be provided a Full and Honest and Factually Accurate application package from which, if there is an interest, the appropriate balance of terms and pricing relative to risk can be established.  Our tolerance for Fraud, in any shading ~ from withheld to creatively embellished to purely misstated ~ is Zero.

A SOURCE & RESOURCE ~ Site Specific and Industry In General...

The goal is for the West Egg Mortgage Acquisition Partners site to provide, in addition to quality loan programs, a broad range of content, information, and service.  Take a minute to look through the various active pages.  And watch for the introduction of our Affiliate Program, what will be an innovative opportunity to become an integral part of the West Egg Mortgage Acquisition Partners group.

LINES ARE OPEN ~ We'll Appreciate The Contact...

Our core Loan Business is vibrant and intact ~ Fax, eMail, or Call In specific loan scenarios ~ we'll look forward to working with you.